Need To See a Specialist About a New or Reocurring Health Concern?

Get a Specialist Referral in Minutes

Book an appointment at our virtual clinic to get your specialist referral online. Chat with a Meira Care virtual doctor by phone, video-call, or secure messaging about your health concerns. Get an assessment and have your specialist referral sent directly to our affiliated medical specialist.

Virtual Medical Clinic | Online Walk-in Clinic Ontario - Virtual Doctor Online at Meira Care
Virtual Medical Clinic | Online Walk-in Clinic Ontario - Virtual Doctor Online at Meira Care

Get Answers and Prevent Unnecessary Trips to Busy Clinics.

With Meira Care’s easy-to-use platform, you can seamlessly book an appointment at our virtual clinic to speak to a doctor online from anywhere on any device 7-days a week.

The power of telemedicine allows you to get your new specialist referral online at a time that is convenient to you. If our online doctor requires a medical specialist from our team to provide consultation, an internal requisition will be sent to them directly and you will be notified once a virtual appointment is available with the specialist.

Our Virtual Health Clinic Has a Wide Range of Medical Specialists To Provide Virtual Consults, Which Include:

  • Cardiology
  • Gastroenterology (GIT)
  • Geriatrician
  • Internal Medicine
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Physiotherapy & Massage
  • Psychiatry
  • Respirology
  • Rheumatology
  • Urology

Don’t see your type of new referral here? We may still be able to help. If you are returning to a specialist that you have seen in the past, regardless of how long ago, you can get a repeat referral from us instead.

Meira Care Offers New Specialist Referrals Online for the Following:

  • A Dermatologist for acne.
  • A Gynecologist for providing care during pregnancy, labor, and the time directly after childbirth as well as for the diagnosis and treatment of various disorders and diseases.
  • A Gastroenterologist for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and problems related to the digestive system including the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine (colon), gallbladder, pancreas, and liver.
  • A General Surgeon for various surgical procedures including head, neck, pediatric, surgical critical care, surgical oncology, transplants, and more.
  • A Geriatrician the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of patients who are 75 years of age or more.
  • A Hematologist for diseases of the blood.
  • A Nephrologist for patients with kidney disease and with disturbances of acid-base, fluid, and electrolyte metabolism.
  • A Neurologist for nervous system disorders involving the brain and spinal cord and other nerve and muscular conditions.
  • A Thoracic Surgeon for diseases of the heart and vessels.

Don’t see your type of specialist here? We may still be able to help.

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