Use Meira Care to Launch and Grow
Your Practice

With Meira Care’s simple and user-friendly virtual healthcare solution, your clinic can start seeing patients virtually by phone, video-call or through secure messaging.
Setup your virtual clinic with ease. Remove geographic limitations and increase patient accessibility with a compliant solution that saves time and money.

Virtual Medical Clinic | Online Walk-in Clinic Ontario - Virtual Doctor Online at Meira Care

The Meira Care virtual practice management model is built to simplify and streamline all processes when it comes to virtual medical practice management. It is proven to increase virtual clinic business growth, raise patient retention rates and significantly benefit overall operations. As the industry continues to become more complex, we believe that applying the latest technologies and business practices will benefit virtual medical practice operations significantly.

If you are a physician who is looking to move your practice virtually due to high operating costs or are looking to add virtual services to your current brick and mortar clinic, reach out to Meira Care today to discuss options meet your needs.

Meira Care is committed to helping you focus on virtual patient care without the stress of virtual clinic management. We enable you to transform your clinic with telehealth all while running a profitable virtual medical clinic that is compliant and builds patient trust.


Join Meira Care’s All-In-One Virtual Healthcare Platform

Better Work Life

Run a successful virtual medical clinic focused on improved overall patient outcomes without sacrificing income, quality of patient care and work-life balance.
See patients virtually from anywhere. Convert off-hours appointments that would otherwise have been in-person, to virtual visits.

Save time commuting by seeing patients from your home. With Meira Care’s telehealth solution, you can enjoy more flexibility and predictability to take part in home and family life.

Whether you are a solo healthcare practitioner or a part of a healthcare team, Meira Care is designed to support your virtual care needs.

Increased Income

Improve your bottom line by transforming your practice into a virtual health clinic. Numerous virtual doctors working with Meira Care have successfully and efficiently increased their bottom line by focusing on virtual patient care rather than clinic management.

Give your patients quality healthcare without risking exposure, while you appreciate being able to provide safe and convenient care with reduced medical overhead costs.


Advantages For Our Clinic Partners

  • No start-up costs or initial investment
  • Minimal management fee - No additional overhead
  • No lease or mortgage
  • IT, EMR, HR, Marketing, support services provided
  • Flexible hours & convenient shift coverage
  • Professional support staff and management teams
  • Scheduling & billing services provided
  • Flexible short-term contracts